Corporate Policy – General:

Aurora Institute(Canadian group)
Citizen Works 
The Corporate Library (Excellent corporate governance and CEO pay info)
“The Corporation” (a new movie about corporations)
CounterCorp is the only annual independent film festival devoted to corporate power and related issues
Essential Information
Corpwatch (Web-based news reports on corporations)
Gangs of America (download the book)
International Forum on Globalization
Multinational Monitor (also ck their links for more)
Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy 
Reclaim Democracy 
UN Report on Regulating Corporations (July 2004)

Corporate Crime:

Citizen Works
Corporate Crime Reporter
Department of Justice
DOJ’s Corporate Fraud Task Force
Earthrights (Alien Torts Claims Act)
Government Accountability Project (help for whistleblowers)
Milberg, Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach LLP plaintiff attorneys’ Enron Fraud website
Multinational Monitor
Securities and Exchange Commission
Taxpayers Against Fraud (False Claims Act)
Transaction Records Access Clearinghouse (independent data on federal law enforcement)

Researching Corporations:

Corporate Research Project
Disinfopedia (a project of PR Watch)
Endgame (a large index of business-related sites)
Multinational Monitor links page
SEC EDGAR Database
Corporate Governance
AFL-CIO Database on Companies That Move Jobs Offshore
Executive Paywatch (AFL-CIO)
Corporate Watch (UK)
Library of Congress Business Resources

Leading Washington Watchdogs:

Center for Public Integrity 
Center for Responsive Politics (info on campaign contributions, lobbying, etc.)
Citizen Works
Common Cause
Congress Watch (Public Citizen) 
Essential Information
Government Accountability Project
OMB Watch
Project on Government Oversight
Public Citizen (main page)
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Center for American Progress (we recommend subscribing to the Daily Progress Report)
“Special Interest Takeover” (Center for American Progress report on Bush Administration)
Open the Government (coalition of groups and journalists interested in open government)
Institute for Policy Studies is the nation’s oldest multi-issue progressive think tank
The Daily Progress Report, published by the Center for American Progress, is an excellent summary of key current national political news

Government Links:

Fedstats (portal to government statistics from various agencies)
Firstgov (U.S. government’s official web portal)
National Archives and Records Administration 
Thomas (Internet search engine for legislation – maintained by the Library of Congress)
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Rep. Waxman’s Report on Secrecy in the Bush Administration
Clerk of House of Representatives – how they voted
“Inside Washington” — key links from
Congressional Record daily digest

Business Links:

Business Roundtable
The Conference Board
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Zimmerman’s Research Guide
Corporate Governance Links
Tax Governance Institute

Activist Groups:

Essential Information
Good Works
Common Dreams publishes progressive news stories and press releases
National Organizers Alliance (jobs for activists)


Multinational Monitor corporate links page has over 1,000 links