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Redirecting Human Rights: Facing the Challenge of Corporate Legal Humanity (book review, Logos Journal, 2011)
“Citizens United v. America’s Citizens: A Voter’s Guide” by Charlie Cray (Corpwatch, 10/22/10)
“ADM’s New Frontiers” by Charlie Cray (Corpwatch, 5/18/10).
“States clamor to be home to Northrop” (NPR Marketplace, 4/9/10).
The Bottom Line or Public Health edited by William Wiist (Oxford, 2010) includes A chapter on using corporate charters to translate public health goals into industrial policy by Charlie Cray.
“Support for Northrop Grumman tax incentives waning in D.C.” (Washington Post, 3/9/10)
“Corporate Death Squads Come Back to Haunt U.S. Companies,” by Charlie Cray (Common Dreams, 2/16/10)
Roundtable on the Future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (C-SPAN)
“Obama’s Tax Haven Reforms: Chump Change” by Charlie Cray (CorpWatch, June 15, 2009)
“Tinkering around the edges” (Obama’s Wall St. reforms are too timid) by Charlie Cray (1/14/09)
“Why Should We Bail Out Wall St?”, Uprising Radio with Sarah Anderson and Charlie Cray, 9/26/08
“Behind the Current Crisis” interview with Real News Network, 9/23/08
“Congress Coddles the Corporate Criminals” by Charlie Cray, Alternet, 4/11/08
“Executive Excess on Capitol Hill” by Charlie Cray and Chris Hayes, The Nation, 11/12/07
“Blackwatergate” by Charlie Cray, 10/4/07
“Revising Corporate Charters as a Public Policy Instrument” by Charlie Cray, Corporation2020 (2007)
“Are We Asking Enough” by Charlie Cray, Rachel’s Democracy and Health News # 894
“A Contract with Corporate America,” by Philip Mattera and Charlie Cray,, 12/20/06
“The Ten Most Brazen War Profiteers,” by Charlie Cray, AlterNet, 9/5/06
“Halliburton’s Hella Deal,” by Charlie Cray,, 7/21/06
“Combating the Culture of Corruption…Or Not,” by Charlie Cray, Multinational Monitor, May/June 2006
“Vermont Green,” by Maud Schaafsma, Common Dreams, 6/30/06
Galbraith and Challenging the Conventional Wisdom” by Charlie Cray, 5/06
“Lee Raymond’s Legacy” by Charlie Cray, (4/17/06)
Curbing CEO Pay (letter to NYTimes, April 17, 2006).
“Corporations and the Public Purpose” by Charlie Cray and Lee Drutman, Seattle Law School Journal of Social Justice
“Movements Bubble up to Challenge Trickle-Down Economics”by Charlie Cray, Huffington Post/CommonDreams
“Grand Theft Baghdad” by Charlie Cray,, February 27, 2006
“Oversee the Contractors,” (letter to Washington Post, 2/18/06)
“Give Miners Justice, Not The Shaft” by Charlie Cray, January 5, 2006
“Disaster Profiteering” by Charlie Cray, Multinational Monitor, September/October 2005
“Crony Contractors Clean Up On Katrina,” Providence Journal, (10/06/05)
“Curbing Government Contract Abuse,” by Charlie Cray, San Diego Union-Tribune (9/30/05)
“Courting Corruption,” by Charlie Cray and Maud Schaafsma, (9/1/05)
“Dodging Their Fair Share,” by Charlie Cray, (6/6/05)
“Wolfowitz and the World Bank: Democratizer or Kleptocrat?” by Charlie Cray, CommonDreams (3/31/05)
“The People’s Business” by Lee Drutman and Charlie Cray, In These Times (2/18/05)
“Three Years After Enron” by Charlie Cray, Common Dreams (12/18/04)
Justice Talking: “Avoiding the Next Enron” (NPR radio program, listen online and discuss)
“Defying the Suicide Economy,” by Lee Drutman and Charlie Cray,, 11/30/04
“Bringing Halliburton to Heel” by Charlie Cray, 9/27/04
“Beyond Kenny Boy and Martha,” by Charlie Cray (7/21/04),
“No Bid and No Problem,”, 7/07/04
“Four Wars and a Cloud of Dust,” by Molly Ivins, 3/2/04
“Dick Cheney’s Nigerian Nightmare,” by Dan Kennedy, Boston Phoenix, February 27, 2004.
Contractors Cashing in on the War on Terror by the World Policy Institute
Halliburton Hires Bush Family Lawyer to Investigate Nigerian Bribes Corporate Crime Reporter, February 16, 2004
“No Bid and No Problem” by Charlie Cray, (7/7/04)